Friday, September 19, 2008

Every neighborhood in Boston has its own unique identity and despite years of significant redevelopment and gentrification, the South End remains home for many resident artists. I hope that the strong ties and history this neighborhood shares as a place that welcomes and encourages such creative self-expression is something that stays as long as I call this place home.

Throughout the year, the first Friday of every month, many artist studios and art galleries in the South End open their doors to the public. The event is aptly named, "First Fridays", and when the weather is agreeable the streets fill with people of all ages looking for an alternate way to spend a few hours on a Friday evening. However, twice a year, First Fridays are forsaken for a much larger art extravaganza called the SoWa Art Walk that runs all day Saturday and Sunday.

According to the SoWa Art Walk website the event this September will involve more than 300 artists. I always talk this event up to friends and encourage people from other neighborhoods to come and visit.

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