Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome Students!

Every city has its own traditions and Boston is no exception. Ranking right up there with the Red Sox home opener, Patriot's Day (a.k.a. Boston Marathon), and the Head of the Charles (which technically is more of a Cambridge thing) is September 1st - or more informally, college move-in day.

The universities that call this city home have shaped Boston's reputation and play a major part in forming this town's identity. With more than 1/4 of all apartment leases on a 9/1 calendar and literally tens of thousands of students returning to the city, moving cars, vans and trucks of all sizes and shapes double-park and make driving a living nightmare for an entire day. The upside to this temporary insanity is that Boston (which becomes a sleepy hamlet from early May through August) suddenly jolts back to life. No city (but especially one as tiny as Boston) can ignore the affect the thousands of students have. They revive the nightlife, crowd restaurants and fill the sidewalks of Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the Fenway and so many more neighborhoods throughout the city, Brookline, and Cambridge.

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