Tuesday, September 9, 2008

B-Side Lounge - Sold!

It has been years since I've walked through the doors of the B-side lounge, but it was a Cambridge bar with plenty of personality and a great place to hang out with a friends. I recently started reading a local blog called, drink boston which I first heard about on Boston.com.

According to Lauren Clark (a.k.a.drinkboston), this was a long time coming. Apparently the sale was made to a western-MA beer/bar proprietor by the name of Daniel Lanigan. Now that I live all the way over in the South End, I rarely go into Cambridge, but I wish the new bar (as yet to be named) best of luck. The B-side was a great place to grab a beer or two with friends, and I'm sure it will be missed.

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Marc said...

I guess the owner declared bankruptcy after the place closed a few weeks ago. I wonder what will be going in there. Sounds like any plans may have fallen through.