Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This afternoon my grandmother passed away surrounded by her children at her home. It is never easy to say good bye to someone who you love, but her health has been in steady decline and the goal in recent months had been to make her as comfortable as possible.

I am one of the luckier grandchildren because my cousin AJ and I were the first two grandchildren on my mother's side and for almost 4 decades my grandmother was a constant figure contributing her own verses to each chapter of my life.

I have mentioned my Grandmother in a couple of entries most recently in my entry "One more party with Nana" but also after an emotinal visit with her at the hospital last December, "Visit with Nana in the Hospital". Time will pass but my grandmother (just like her husband) will always live in my heart and mind. Happy memories of time spent with them at the family home in Winchester and visits to their condo in FL will always be with me.


Anonymous said...

hey there...i just stumbled upon your blog yesterday and was reading through it and read your last blog (prior to today) about your grandmother...and i am so sorry to read your post today. my most sincere condolences to you and your family.

i am in the same situation, with an ailing grandmother, gay, and very close to her.

it was just such a shock to read your post today...i'm so sorry.

Margie said...

love, Margie