Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tom Brady's car accident 911 call (parody)

Last week local news in New England was obsessed with a car accident on the streets of back bay because an individual had run a red light and hit Patriot's QB, Tom Brady. I could not have cared less, but I assure you I was in the distinct minority.

The YouTube video is a parody of the reporting of the car accident and is just one more example of how obsessed New England is with their sports teams.


Cubby said...

What a riot!

Bob said...

Oh that is funny.
Just feeds into the sports hysteria in this country.

Anonymous said...

BWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! That may be a parody, but can actually imagine that really happening and somebody acting like that. People get crazy over their sports teams.

I had brunch at a traditional 'gay' restaurant here in Atlanta this past Sunday. The place was full of queens, but they had the Steelers/Falcons game on the jumbo TV's and those guys were viscious about defending the Falcons.