Friday, September 10, 2010

My 9/11 tribute: Remembering my friend Graham

Nine years ago yesterday (September 9, 2001) I said good night to my friend Graham (pictured above). He was leaving for L.A. in two days, and we were to connect the following weekend so he could tell me about the trip which was a mixture of business and pleasure.

For me the morning of September 11th is etched in my memory. It is filled with calls from friends trying to remain calm but their voices betraying their panic urgently inquiring if I knew what United flight Graham was on and asking if my partner (a F.A. for United at the time) was on the flight that left from Boston.

Taken too soon and still missed today, the nation will mourn an attack on the nation that is for most fodder for political debate and indignation. For me the 11th of September is always about giving thanks that my partner was not working that flight and about the days that followed which included the unfortunate task of packing my friend Graham's belongings and shipping them to his parents in the U.K.

Listed below is a quick video of Boston's humble but very serene memorial to that tragedy.


Anonymous said...

i remember. i am sorry and give thanks as well.

Damien Oz said...

I send my prayers for you and your partner and your friend.



Sunshine said...

This is so sad. Thanks for reminding us of the horror of that day, lest we forget.

Bob said...

Such sadness at a life, and lives, taken too soon.

Wonder Man said...

Sorry about your loss, it was so surreal that day

Joe Executive said...

I can't imagine what you went through on this day in 2001 or what you've gone through since with your loss. I still cannot believe this is now apart of our history and that it occurred 9 years ago. It's still very fresh for most of us.

I don't think anyone will every forget this.

Thanks for the comment on my post, I appreciate it. Maybe we will grab a pint next time I'm in beantown.


swscratch said...

....I sat down for my morning coffee/oatmeal at the firehouse that morning, all those years ago, and I can still remember watching the events of that morning in utter shock thinking of all the people that would be impacted by the actions of those few hate-filled people.
Thank you for the posting this morning as we all go about remembering, mourning and counting our blessings today.


Anonymous said...

Having lived in NYC at the time, I'm still coming to grips with this tragedy. For years I wouldn't talk about it, let alone write about it to myself, until last year. To a point, I still am a little numb, but all we can do is continue to keep alive the memory of all those who were so dear that were lost that surreal September morning.

littlemass said...

So sorry for your unimaginable sorrows. Your sharing has put a personal touch to this day's remembrance for me. Thank you for that.


BosGuy said...

Thank you to all for taking the time to read my entry and share your thoughts.

While I write this blog for my own reasons, I do appreciate those who take time to comment and am flattered by those who come back to read my postings.

Thank you again,

Rick said...

So sorry. Beautiful tribute.

David Dust said...

Sorry I'm a little late - but this post struck a nerve with me. My good friend and roommate was a United Flight Attendant (based in Newark) at that time, and worked flight 93 all the time. My first reaction when hearing about the first plane hitting the WTC was to call him. Luckily he wasn't working that morning, he was on a layover in Chicago.


WranglerMan said...

I just came across your blog. Like you, I knew people who died that day. I'd rather celebrate their lives and remember the good times than concentrate on the horror of their deaths.