Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An evening at Fenway Park

I'm sad it is a forgone conclusion that the Red Sox season is going to end without any post season play this year. However, that did not stop me from joining my friend Paul who was provided some sweet tickets to Fenway Park (in the State Street Pavilion) this past weekend.

The view from these seats is spectacular and the fact that they have added perks like your own entrance and exit, table service and more than enough space to walk around to enjoy both the game and the park makes these among my favorite seats at Fenway. We sat just left of home base and had a beautiful view of Fenway as well as the Back Bay skyline. I've attached a couple of pictures I snapped from my phone that evening.

View of the field

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Bi Dude NY (BDNY) said...

Theres always next year man. That's what I say every year for my fav. team. lol. Glad you had a blast at game! Fenway is a fun ballpark. Great blog btw man. Keep it up!