Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa Speedo Run - Dec. 12th

December 12th is the Santa Speedo Run. This is a fun event to watch (if not fun to partake) in Boston for 10 years.  The race sells out each year (they have a 500 runner limit) and each year the run raises money for local charities; this year the recipients will be Crossroads for Kids and Bottom Line. The race is in good fun in the heart of the BackBay extending slightly more than 1 mile.

The race gets a fair amount of coverage by local news stations as one might imagine. I've included a brief clip from NESN's coverage of the 2008 run below and if you would like to see more, visit The Boston Globe 2008 Santa Speedo Run photographs by linking here.


Husband Quest said...

Hurry home!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun event. Glad to see folks around your town have a sense of humor, too!