Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baristas of Australia

As I’ve just commented on the coffee-wars (read the entry below). What I did not share was the cafes where I started my mornings or ended my evenings – often with Sergio’s laptop so I could include a tweet or update my blog. The two places I spent the most amount of time was Port Douglas and Sydney so it was in these places that I made friends with local baristas.

Port Douglas is a sleepy little town which made it perfect for spending a few hours each day in a coffee shop to escape the sun. After one day, both Sergio and I staked out Rehab (a local cafe) and it was not long before we started chatting with Daniel. He pours a strong cup of joe and is extremely personable. Daniel has a wedding in Canada in the summer of 2009 and it would be wonderful to have him come out and visit us. We will see what happens but anyone who pours such a nice cup of coffee is a freind of mine.

Equally nice and certainly as cute is Chris (in photo above) who works at QV Bar & Cafe. I hope that last comment does not embarrass him, but he is as sweet and friendly a person you'll meet. Quick with a comment and always smiling, I appreciated seeing him despite being groggy from late nights out in Sydney. Chris too has an open invitation if he ever decides to travel to the States.  I'll be sure to find him an amicable barista to make him his morning coffee. 

On our last day Sergio took a group photo of the team at QV Bar & Cafe which I've included. What a handsome bunch.

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Handsome, indeed!