Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pho Republique is leaving the South End - it is confirmed.

Last night I grabbed a bite to eat at Pho Republique - a south end restaurant which has stood the test of time both in its longevity and its ability to distinguish itself. This southeast Asian restaurant really has no equal in the neighborhood and is one of my absolute favorites. I regularly order take out from them so you can imagine how sad I was to learn that the owner has decided to close at the end of December and relocate.

Although there is an outside possibility that Pho will remain in the South End, the general concensus from the staff was the owner wants to relocate in Cambridge. A larger space that can also provide live music is what they want. Apparently the Bombay Club a cambridge-based restaurant will go into Pho's space, which I suppose is good news because I would hate to see the location vacant for long, but I'll definitely be sorry to see Pho go.

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