Thursday, June 4, 2009

Boston's AIDS Walk this Sunday

Take a moment and watch this kitschy clip from the AIDS Action Committee Development team. The AIDS Walk is this Sunday, June 7th. Won't you consider to be a part of this day? Participating increases the number of walkers which in turn raises awareness.

The Walk is the AAC's largest single fundraiser and in addition to providing headlines it also serves to remind us that there still is no cure for HIV. The money raised from the AIDS walk is considered 'unrestricted' which is exceptionally important to social service organization like the AAC, because often they have to do work that is not easy to get funding for and can only be funded through unrestricted dollars.

If you don't have plans this Sunday, come down to the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade. Join me and 15,000 others - just by showing up you are making a statement and more importantly you are helping to make a difference. Write a check to the AIDS Action Committee (any amount is welcome), put on your sneakers and come down. It is an easy and fun walk that starts at 10:00am.

I'll be walking with Sergio. You can also send him a donation by linking here.

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