Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have been glued to my TV thanking the broadcast gods that I am able to watch the Olympic Games in high definition, and never was a moment better suited for the super clear images of HDTV than last night when Michael Phelps tied Mark Spitz record of 7 Gold Medals in one Olympic Game by winning the 100M Butterfly by .01 of a second.

The first week of the Beijing Olympics has concluded and tonight Michael Phelps could possibly make history by winning his 8th Olympic Gold Medal. With two of my favorite sports in the summer Olympics winding down (swimming and tennis), my attention will now turn to diving and track and field, but no matter what happens in the second week, I'm inclined to believe that these Olympic Games will always be tied to the name of Phelps. Last night's (Friday, August 15th) dramatic finish earning Phelps his 7th Gold Medal by .01 of a second is the stuff of legends.

I've included a video download of Phelps that is popular on YouTube right now. Pardon the cheesy soundtrack.

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