Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quiet on the set

According to a study from UMass-Boston, Massachusetts can build a stable movie sector with the help of the state's tax credits and facilities.  Now mind you, nobody is asserting MA would become a Hollywood East (thank god), but it could help bring more jobs and spotlight my home city, Boston, and surrounding communities in movies for years to come.

Film tax credits have been controversial. Critics claim that the $$$ generated is short-lived and mostly benefit movie moguls; not the state. But it is difficult to refute the fact that more than 30 films and television shows have been filmed in the state since the tax credit has been offered.  More over, the UMass-Boston study said that the film industry in 2008 created about $1 billion in economic activity in Massachusetts, and every dollar spent directly generated nearly another dollar in activity.

According to the article in today's Boston Globe, Film projection, while the tax credits have helped the state they are not the sole reason for Hollywood's interest.  The Globe article says, "Massachusetts offers a variety of locations - urban, rural, and coastal - and a world-class city, Boston, which is attractive to movie executives and stars."  I agree and think it is a great way to showcase my home city and New England.

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