Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yes we can - I hope

I remember when the Republican Revolution led by Newt Gingrich (R) overtook the House of Representatives in 1994 ending the Democrats 40 year majority in the lower house. That night the Republicans picked up more than 50 seats in the House and nearly 10 seats in the Senate. As a Democrat (and a liberal one at that) the night was quite depressing.

Fast forward 14 years to present day and the discontent that was so clearly levelled against the Democrats in 1994 seems to be this time aimed at Republicans. Most Americans blame the economic problems we face, the quagmire that is referred to as the 'war in Iraq' and the diminishing prestige of the United States in the world squarely on the shoulders of President Bush and the Republicans who controlled both houses of Congress for nearly 8 years.

The wave of frustration is sure to provide the Democrats with some remarkable wins on November 4th. The real question remains how much of that frustration will turn into voting out Republican incumbants? Names like Sununu, Dole and Coleman all seem vulnerable and states like NC, FL and GA all have competitive races that might result in Republican incumbents losing what even two months ago were presumed to be 'safe' seats. Check out the RealClearPolitics Election '08 to track the latest Congressional, Governor and Presidential polls.

The potential for a landslide in Presidential, Congressional and Gubenatorial races next week is a mixed blessing. Democrats will inherit a huge budget deficit, bailout promises that must be followed, a country poorer and more disenfranchised as well as a world that is openly hostile to the U.S. due to our 'cowboy' foreign policy that showed disdain for diplomacy and tainted our reputation by endorsing the use of torture.

The challenges for the next U.S. President are certain to be many and so it is with baited breath that I wait for Sen. Obama to win what seems to be a potential for a landslide victory - debunking my predictions that he would only win by 2-3% back in August when I wrote Ms. Piggy for President. Without a friendly Congress ready and willing to work with a President Obama I don't think the country would have a chance to get through this difficult time.

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