Saturday, October 25, 2008

Medical Research Project

In late September I wrote about participating in a medical research project at Mass General Hospital that studies how low levels of testosterone in men can contribute to diminished bone density. Earlier this week on Wednesday, October 22nd, I had my first follow up visit. Nurses took blood and urine samples, and I was once again injected in the belly with small pellet of Zoladex. I also was given new supplies of the Androgel which I rub each night on my shoulders and the Arimidex which comes in pill form that I take each night. The clinician had me once again fill out a survey to note any potential side affects, but I have not noticed anything different. Perhaps I am receiving a placebo, but it is probably more likely that I'm clueless because I've been so absorbed with work.

I did conduct a quick Google search, I was able to find a number of publications addressing this study but the articles are so filled with medical mumbo-jumbo I could not really understand what they were saying so I pretty much gave up trying to find anything I could add to shed more light about this study.

As I mentioned in my initial blog entry, I would encourage everyone to consider signing up for medical studies, because we all rely on research to identify new / better cures and treatments. Most studies - like the one I have volunteered to undertake really only have temporary side affects and do not compromise a person's health.

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